Find Shade in the Amarillo, TX Heat With C&C Auto Tint

We offer fast and affordable window tinting services

Are you tired of driving with the sun glaring in your eyes? Do you want to minimize heat absorption in your home? Let C&C Auto Tint install premium tinting products on your vehicle’s or property’s windows. With a variety of different window film options and degrees of shading, we’ll install the best tinting product for your vehicle, home or commercial facility in the Amarillo, Texas area.

3 benefits of tinting your windows

There are many benefits to tinting your windows. Below are a few reasons to let us install a window tint on your automobile, as well as your residential or commercial property. Window tint helps to:
  1. Cut cooling costs up to 50%
  2. Reduce heat and glare
  3. Protect against exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays

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